"My Love Affair With Marriage"

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Signe Baumane's new animated feature film infuses music and neuroscience into a personal story of love, gender and marriage.

About this project

UPDATE: MATTHEW MODINE, currently starring in Netflix's "Stranger Things," has joined "My Love Affair With Marriage!" He will voice the character of "Bo" and be an Executive Producer of the film along with his producing partner Adam Rackoff. Read the full story in Variety.

"My Love Affair With Marriage" is based on my personal experiences - I have been married two times and could never understand why those marriages didn't last longer than they did. To unravel this mystery, I set out to research the neuroscience and mythology of love. 

I decided to weave my many discoveries into the single story of Zelma, a fiery young woman with a wild imagination, who believes that love will make her a complete human being with four arms, four legs and two heads. Zelma keeps falling in love, but something always goes wrong. She journeys through many marriages, some real, some imaginary, while confronting pressures from society and her own biology. Although the marriages fail to make her complete, they, like baptism by fire, transform her.

This story is driven by 26 speaking and four singing characters. The singers are the chimerical, shapeshifting Mythology Sirens, who, with their seductive songs, lure Zelma into fantasies of everlasting love and never-ending happiness.