The Making of a Man: Failure to Make a Film

Here's the second of the 4 videos I made for The Dumbest Sh!t I Ever Saw Festival. This is a half-baked thought of being a half person. The thought flew into my mind on an airplane when I landed in LAX, going from Melbourne back to New York. I thought of developing it into a nice finished short film about body parts floating apart in a an endless cold sea of loneliness when suddenly they are bestowed with a sense of purpose and come together forming one whole body.

Unfortunately, the moment I landed in New York I was pressed to continue to promote the feature film I made a year before ("Rocks In My Pockets"), write a script for a new film ("The Marriage Project") and make a living so that starvation didn't cause me falling apart in separate body parts floating in a cold sea of Death and Destruction.

So I didn't have time to make the short film. It stalled at a stage of various unfinished parts.

Thankfully, the Dumbest Sh!t I Ever Saw Festival was willing to accept anything as shitty as an unfinished body parts of an unfinished film, so I sent them this. I hope you don't judge it too harshly. It's only 21 seconds.

Synopsis: A man is only a blind half before he accidentally comes across another half. The greatest of the accidents.