Molar Cold: Another Failed Attempt to Make a Clever Short Film

The clever short film I wanted to make in the summer of 2015 was about various body parts traveling through hostile dangerous environment to a reunion. Of course, I didn't have time to make it, just like I don't have time to write the clever novel I conceived in Spring of 2015 about several giant hogweed plants communicating with their roots under the ground plotting a conspiracy to take over a small country. 

However, I started my efforts with the best intentions to finish the film, but was distracted with having to raise money for my new feature film (raising money for an animated feature film that's not for children is like trying to squeeze milk from a granite rock).

Here's the crumb of that great short film that didn't quite exit my mind:

Only The Dumbest Sh!t I Ever Saw Film Festival appreciated the 25 seconds of this failure.

But I dare you to imagine the film I wanted to make: An eye on a fragile row-boat is traveling through a cold ocean filled with molars that like icebergs are trying to sink its flimsy boat. The eye is afraid that the molars will chew on it. Despite the fear and cold, the eye continues on, because it has to reunite with the other eye that is probably lost in the land of lusty starving tongues. When the two eyes finally meet, the teeth join them, finding their seats set in a jaw. Tongue finds its place in a throat, nose arrives to hug a forehead, thousands of hair strands like thousands of snakes creep up and set their roots on top of the head.  Bones, liver, kidneys, intestines - all find their place. And then the skin arrives.

- We are all different, - the skin says. - But from now on we have the same purpose.

And the skin wraps the organs into one wholesome awesome body.