Happy New Year!

It is clear now - the 2017 was like a drunk gift-delivery driver. You watched it with hope and anxiety: will it run me over? will it remember to give me gifts? Running away from being hit while trying to get closer to the gifts was quite a task. But we managed it, somehow.

Now we wake up in the middle of night with a new anxiety. It has become obvious that 2018 is not going to be the same as 2017. The needles have moved, the accustomed points of references discarded. New piñatas are craving the abuse. Will I avoid suffering? Will I succeed to eat, work and be merry?

Facing my old fear in front of uncertainty of future, I drew 4 cards for happy 2018:

The New Year is like a garden that only you can make bloom.
The buckets of 2018 are full. What's in there?
I'll build a new house
2018 is made of ice and snow

Happy New Year!

With love and gratitude