Merry Winter Solstice!

Doctors say that Winter deprives you of sunlight and your bones go brittle because of that. But they don’t tell you that the inner light never dies. Forget about bones - you stay alive because you have hope.

I made 4 Merry Winter Solstice cards to cheer you up during the longest of the nights. You can download them and share with your friends.

Merry Winter Solstice!


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Happy Summer Solstice!

Celebrating Solstice in an urban environment is a bit of a challenge. First of all, with buildings so high one can barely see the sky and tracking the path of the Sun while walking on a sidewalk can cause one fall into a pothole. 

Then  there are all those distractions - deadlines, Facebook and people who want to get together.

And of course, the tragedies around the world that happen to other people caused by other people make one's sky gazing and Sun-tracking seem indulgent and selfish. Why instead one doesn't call her local politician demanding to improve the matters of the World?

But the Sun is a powerful magnet that makes seeds forget the forces of Gravity and pull away from Earth towards LIGHT to greet the Sun with blooming flowers. The thought of light wakes me before dawn, full of inspiration and hope.

Without light like without hope one cannot live.

If we all purge our inner demons with a beam of light maybe that alone can make the World a better place?

Lets celebrate the longest day!

Welcome, Light!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Merry Solstice!
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Happy Winter Solstice! (with failed cards)

Every 6 month there is a major Solar event that I dedicate a great deal of my thoughts and efforts to: Solstice. Solstices punctuate my bipolar nature swinging from too much darkness to too much light. To celebrate this awareness I make greetings cards, sometimes more than just one. 

This December I drafted 8 of those Merry Winter Solstice cards, 6 of them you can see HERE.

But 2 of them I had doubts about and consulted with my Inner PR person.

- Too phallic, - she said about one. - In this political climate golden balls attached to a golden penis is the last thing people want to see. 

- This is too dark, - she said about the other. - And what are those little hairs between the legs? Too suggestive of pubic hair. It will upset parents and will ruin your reputation. If you publish this you may never be able to run another successful Kickstarter campaign.

So I didn't publish them when the Solstice took place.

But the effort that went into making them kept nagging me. Now when my Inner PR person sleeps on her soft nest of laurels I am publishing the drawings for you to judge if they are too dark and too suggestive. What do you think?

Pear Sun.jpg
Pear Mother.jpg

Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice is my favorite time of the year. You could dismissively say it is because on June 21st the Solar System reflects my bipolar state of mind, but I am OK with that. On June 21st the Solar System and me become one.

To celebrate this occasion, I made 5 Summer Solstice cards for you. Use them wisely and widely.

If you like what you see and want to see more, you can support my new animated feature film "My Love Affair With Marriage" here:


Merry Winter Solstice!

Sitting in the darkest night of the year I rake my brain and cannot remember last time when I have felt such an absolute despair and desolation. Before, when I felt rejected by a lover or a film festival or a friend, the rejection was painful but it felt like an isolated event. I thought that the larger world was still behind me, the Universe still had a provision of love in store for me. I had hope.

But where do you find hope when Universe seems to be smashing in pieces everything you love and cherish, turning against the very core of your Being?

I look and see that hope is still there - at my core. It is just more fragile and more secluded. So I made a few MERRY SOLSTICE cards to send you my Love in hopes to connect with you. Lets unite with the cores of our hearts: I am you and you are me. If you love me back, please let me know.

Thank you.

Thinking about the next four years 

Thinking about the next four years 

Trying to remember where I put my sunshine boots

Trying to remember where I put my sunshine boots

The Carpenter was born on the night between December 24th and 25th, when the longest night started to lose its power.

The Carpenter was born on the night between December 24th and 25th, when the longest night started to lose its power.

Lets all be carpenters and united together carve holes in the walls.