Happy Lunar New Year!

The Year of the Pig promises to bring luck, fortune and pleasure if you stay in charge of your own urges. We all need a little bit of money and good luck to achieve what we set out to do.

Especially a woman who is in the middle of a production of an animated feature project, animating 29 speaking and over 200 non-speaking characters, a project surely testing her abilities and limits, could use a little lift from the Year of the Pig. Overworked and stressed out she would love some relief from of that strain.

So, lets celebrate all of our hopes for 2019!

I made 4 cards for you in celebration of the Year of the Pig:

Milk Feeding Pig_Cropped.jpg
Apple Pig_Cropped.jpg
Dancing Pig_Cropped.jpg

You can download the cards and share them with your friends.

If you would like to support my animated feature film “My Love Affair With Marriage” and feed an artist in the Year of the Pig, you can do it HERE. Every little bit helps to move the project towards the finish line.. I am grateful for your LOVE and SUPPORT!

Thank you!