Meet Our Studio Intern: Kelly Schiesswohl!

What do you think - should we call our intern interviews Internviews? In these brief interviews our interns express their point of view and each is so different!

It was a pleasure to work with Kelly, in part because she was so enthusiastic about every tedious task and was diligent and efficient, but also because she is so articulate and easy to talk to almost about anything. She instantly fell into our small group like a member of a family. It is impossible not to be friends with Kelly!

Still, I was surprised to hear what defines her as an artist. It never occurred to me to see making art from that point of view, but now that she expressed it I see it clearly. And I agree with it!

Watch the interview:

Check out Kelly’s work on Instagram!

Thank you, Kelly!

Meet Our Studio Intern: Tess Liu!

In our process of looking for new interns we do require an in-person meeting. It is a great way to assess if our studio and the intern in question are compatible. Tess came with a stellar recommendation from her professor and my friend Morgan Miller which alone could have handed her the internship, but we scheduled the meeting nevertheless, just to make sure the studio was the right fit for her.

Tess’ portfolio contained a sample of 3D work which we found intriguiging and at the interview she impressed us as being shy and daring at the same time. She has powerful fire under that calm, composed surface, and you can catch a gleam of it if you ask a right question. When she expressed an interest to be an indepepdent artist we knew the compatibility was established.

As an intern Tess had a boundless enthusiasm for practical work (she never stopped working even during this video interview!) and she loved and excelled at compositing in After Effects. She was wonderful to work with and we were sad when her internship ended.

On Tess’ last day I asked her a few questions and recorded her answers. Here’s the video of this interview:

Check out Tess’ work! Here are some links:

Her videos on Vimeo.

Her beautiful illustration work on Instagram.

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THANK YOU, Tess, for your work!

Meet Our Studio Intern: Yupu Ding!

Before you meet a potential intern at an interview, you first meet them through recommendations, emails and their resume. My previous assistant Fiona had recommended Yupu and I loved working with Fiona so her shine had rubbed off on him, too. His emails were professional and communicated well, in comparison to some curt requests for internships I had received in the past. His resume had listed experience with 3D/Maya and at that point of our project I was interested to explore what 3D could bring to “My Love Affair With Marriage”. So I said yes to the in-person interview, although we didn’t need more interns for the summer.

At the interview Yupu really impressed me and my partner Sturgis with his open mind, confidence, intelligence and knowledge. He started the internship the next day.

We loved working with Yupu. He is curious, open minded, creative, willing to try new things and, most importantly, he wants to work. At the 8 week internship I asked him a few questions about his experiences in our studio. Here’s the video:

Check out Yupu’s work: